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About the Book.

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I felt as though there needed to be more good morning books on bookshelves. I wrote this book to do just that! I was inspired to write a good morning book from my own personal daily morning reading routine with my daughter. In doing my own research, I found a lot of studies explaining that a morning reading routine is extremely beneficial to a child. This is mainly due to the fact that in the mornings, they are fully rested and energized. Their little brains are more alert and ready to absorb information at the beginning of their day. Morning reading routines also promote the overall health and wellness of a child’s physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

My main goal for this book is to set the foundation to give our kids a GOOD morning so that they may have a GOOD day:)








About the Author.


Taylor is a born and raised south Louisiana girl (AKA a Cajun). She attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she earned her degree in Child & Family Studies. Taylor has a lot of hands-on experience working with children ages 0-5. She was a daycare teacher in college and worked with ages 18 months-2 years. She also did a semester internship at the college daycare where she did observations and developed play areas and strategies for children ages 4-5. She always had a dream to write a children’s book. With her education and hands-on experience as a mother and former daycare teacher, Taylor knows a thing or two about kiddos! At the time the idea to write a children’s book popped in her head, she was a full time paralegal and had been for several years. She was also consumed with the demands of being a single mother and was not in the right headspace to write a book. Then along came her daughter and that is where the dream she had to write a children’s book started to take flight. She believes her idea manifested into reality. She was able to stay home for a while and that was the best gift she could have ever been given. Through hard times, Taylor turned to writing. She wrote this story as her daughter napped one day. She would get her son to come in and out of his room to listen as she wrote it to make sure it sounded okay. Of course, he would always tell her it sounded awesome! She is dedicating this book to him. He is her first blessing and her inspiration. When not doing the mom thing or writing, Taylor loves to garden, hang out on her patio, workout, run, paint, and enjoy all of the local restaurants, festivals and live music Lafayette has to offer!


Taylor loves using her Instagram  platform to support other indie authors. She created “Author Talk Tuesday with Taylor” where she features three indie authors per month. Click the link below to follow her on her social media platforms.

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